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USS Constitution: War of 1812

The USS Constitution set itself apart from her sister frigates in the War of 1812 – sailing under three captains through adventures which  have forever since made “Old Ironsides” famous. Whether they be heroic victories against HMS Guerriere and HMS Java, or daring escapes, The War of 1812 made the ship the legend we love today.

Follow the Constitution through each major event and port of call – from her return to America in 1812 to the war’s end in 1815.


The timeline of action the ship saw is read from left to right. Trace the vertical position of each event to the map at left to see where the event occurred – one dimension of geography (this time longitude) is abandoned in favor of providing time as the horizontal axis. To learn more about the design of this chart and catch up on Constitution’s adventures from its previous engagements please see the InfoWeTrust posts on the Quasi-War and Barbary War.

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