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Jimi Hendrix Was a US Army Paratrooper

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Hendrix enlisted in the 101st Airborne in 1961 after running into the law over some stolen cars and receiving an ultimatum from the judge: join the army or go to jail. He served until being honorably discharged after an ankle injury from a jump. He never stopped playing his guitar throughout his service.

Carousels were originally training devices for knights.

The merry-go-round originated in medieval cavalry drills where riders rode in circles practicing different techniques such as throwing balls to one another and swiping at targets. The training equipment evolved as jousting became a spectator sport. By the 1700s the real horses had been replaced with wood and everyone was able to take a ride.

The iconic Lone Ranger was based on an escaped slave.

Bass Reeves was a hero of the Wild West. He escaped slavery during the Civil War to Indian territory, where he learned from and befriended many Natives. He is credited with arresting over 3,000 felons and shot and killed 14 outlaws over his career as a Deputy U.S. Marshall. His story, along with Texas Ranger John Hughes, influenced the creation of the fictional LONE RANGER.

WW2 German tank production was estimated almost perfectly by the Allies using statistics.

It was critical to understand monthly production of the German Panzer V tank in order to decide where to deploy Allied armor. Serial numbers from captured and destroyed tank parts, such as gearboxes and wheels, allowed analysis of production capability. The approach worked, estimating monthly production at 270 when in fact 276 has actually been made.