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The real world is complicated, chaotic, complex. Your problems are real and you deserve a solution that uses technology to better inform people making tough decisions. You deserve a solution you trust.

Data isn’t valuable until it changes our behavior in the real world, until then it’s just pretty pictures. I can help you put your data to work with a humanizing blend of design, engineering, and story. Clients have found me particularly useful putting their data to work in strategy, product, marketing, and fundraising.

You should totally reach out and say hello.

Recent clients include
Pearson Education
Social Progress Imperative
North Star Alliance (via USAID)
Duke University

I have also worked for NASA, Bose, The National Science Foundation, Raytheon, Pfizer, and Duke Medicine

My work has been featured all over the world and translated into many languages:

The White House, Office of Science and Technology Policy
Science Magazine
National Geographic Learning
Le Monde
The Huffington Post and HuffPostLive
The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)
Business Insider
Fast Company
Corriere Della Sera

RJ Andrews founded Info We Trust to explore how to better humanize information. To learn more about the genesis of this site read the call to adventure here. When not putting data to work you can find me discovering all kinds of inspiration around San Francisco. You can learn about my broader creative experiments here and see my professional history on LinkedIn. I am a proud Northeastern University and MIT alum.

Awards and accolades

Endangered Safari was named a Tableau Public Viz of the Week and selected for the 2015 Kantar Information is Beautiful awards interactive longlist. The associated video, Are gazelles endangered?, won the inaugural Science Data Stories video contest.

2015 Tapestry talk about my personal “Heroes of Interpolation” here.

Info We Trust takes over the MIT homepage

Creative Routines won the 2014 Kantar Information is Beautiful award for best infographic. Even Richard Branson liked it.